Definitive Guide to Online Slots Casinos (Updated 2020)

Learn from the experts and find your next online slots casinos. Pro players reveal their secrets to find the best online casinos.
Choosing an online slots casino is easy. Choosing the right one? Now that's hard work.

Let's be honest: as soon as you land on a casino home page, you're surrounded with distractions. Bonuses, jackpots, the promises of a big win, the number of games on offer... the casino may even show off their stacked trophy cabinet.

But are these things important when it comes to choosing the right casino? 

In some ways, they are. But there are also far more valuable factors you should pay attention to. Real deal breakers that can dramatically affect your gaming experience. These factors separate the okay sites from the true greats.

In this guide, we are going to show you how to spot a top online slots casino with minimal effort. And if you keep our tips in mind, you won't ever have to play at a bad site ever again.

Key Facts:

  • Don't pick a site based on the bonus or offers alone
  • Winning a jackpot is rare - don't be blinded by big numbers
  • Check enjoyment factors first: how fun is the site? What are the games like? (see more below)

Why choose online slots casinos

Entering a new casino is like walking into a trendy shop for the first time. You are immediately distracted by hundreds of different details. There's a sale, a new product launch, someone is fighting over a bargain... all of which distracts from the core experience.

Choosing a casino is no different. Do your research and you are almost guaranteed to have a better playing experience. Here are just a few things you can look forward to when you take the time to do your homework.

You'll have more fun - If you play at a good site, then you won't have to worry about all the annoyances that can come from a sub-par experience.

Bonuses will be more valuable - Who wants to spend their precious free time meeting the wagering on a bonus? Choose a better site and you could get bonuses with fairer terms.

More games = more fun - Volume of games is important; but does the site have the online casino slots YOU like to play? "Over 1,000 games!" is an empty promise when you don't know what those games are.

Rewards for slots players - This is a big one. If you are playing online slots - then you will want online slot specific rewards right? Things like free spins, extra bonuses, incentives to play new games. The last thing you want is a live roulette bonus or something to do with cards.

Key Facts:

  • Choose the right site and you will benefit from better bonuses, better games and even more fun.
  • Being selective also means you will receive the right rewards for the games you enjoy playing

How to find online slots casinos

Entering any new casino for the first time is daunting. Huge prizes, the newest games, jackpots aching to be won - there are all major distractions. And more often than not, they can blind you from the really important aspects of a site.

Unfortunately, new players are too often swept up by these details. Number of games or jackpots are not indicators of a good site. They are just nice extras that make the core experience even better.

What about the bonus wagering? And how does the site even feel? Questions like these will have an impact on your experience - knowing that there are over a gajillion games won't.

So what should you be looking for when you investigate a new online slots casino? We won't leave you to do the guesswork. Below you will find the top questions you should ask before joining any site. Keep these in mind and you can say goodbye to mediocre gambling...

Game providers: Variety is the spice of life - but it's a spice not everyone can stomach. That's why it's important to decide what slots you like to play. Like your crystal clear graphics and jaw-dropping bonus features? Go NetEnt. How about some licensed slots from your favourite movies and TV shows? Try out some Microgaming.

Bonus offers: The welcome bonus is without a doubt the headline act. It should be big, bold and give you plenty of funds to try out the site. But here's the thing - will there still be opportunities for more bonuses once you join? Or will you be forgotten and left with no additional rewards? If it's a case of the later, then the site is not worth your time.

Fair wagering: Wagering is an unavoidable reality of any bonus offer. But you can choose what kind of wagering you are comfortable accepting. Shop around at casinos and investigate their wagering requirements. Are they fair to you? Or do you think they are being a bit too harsh? This is one of the most important questions you should ask when looking at bonuses.

Free Play Options: Free play is awesome; it gives you the chance to try new games for free. Granted, there's no real way to win money from it. But it is an invaluable research tool for the savvy slots player. And if you find a brand that has free play? Then they are worth their weight in gold.

Think of free play is a kind of try before you buy. You don't have to fork over your real money to fully experience the site. And this makes it essential for research purposes. Your next best bet after free options is the no deposit bonus. These are hard to find, but give you the chance to win real money.

Mobile App: Play slots on your PC? Switching to mobile is one of those things in life that will blow your mind. The freedom and comfort of playing on a smartphone is a true eye-opener. That's why all of the best sites have mobile compatibility as standard. 

Free Spins Casinos - 2020

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                  Unibet Casino NJ

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                    Unibet Casino NJ: FREE CASH PLUS DEPOSIT MATCH. Use the promo code UBCASINO10 when you register to get $10 free play. Get $500 deposit match using promo code UBCASINO500. T&Cs apply. Over 21s. NJ residents only.

                    Key Facts:

                    • Ignore jackpots, number of games and awards - focus on bonus terms, what games are available and playing comfort features (like a mobile app)
                    • Bonus wagering is one of the most important selection factors - always go for a fairer deal at the expense of other factors
                    • Free play is excellent when used as a "try before you buy" device

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