Colossus Bets Cash Out slots technology set to break ground in 2020

We take a look at the new Cash Out slots feature from Colossus Bets, which lets players cash out on jackpot opportunities early.
Cash Out Technology is coming to more slots - with big plans teased for 2020. The patented Colossus Bets feature gives players the chance to cash out early to land a partial jackpot win.

Now live in Colossus Fracpot slots and Matchbook Casino exclusive Sands of Arabia slots, this could be a crucial tool for jackpot hunters. And the premise is simple. When you activate the feature, you will be given an option: play it safe - or be risky?

This mechanic is executed with a double pan balance scale. You can choose to secure more funds in your cash out kitty. Or you can be a true Vegas high roller and risk it all - or just part of it. This adds an element of strategy never before seen in a slot.

The Cash Out slots feature is already successfully used in the Colussus sportsbook to great effect. And it is reported that 91% of all Cash Out offers on Colossus Fracpots are accepted on the spot.

For more details on how the feature works, check out our full review below.

How does Cash Out work?

Cash Out Technology is a real game-changer for online slots (and jackpot) enthusiasts. And it has a wide range of appeal. Full risk players can aim for 100% of the pot - but if you are feeling on edge, you can opt for a bigger cash out offer.

But how exactly does it work? Colossus Fracpots slots - one of the first games to have the feature - is a good working example.

  • The jackpot round is activated when you land two or more keys of a matching metal (bronze, silver, gold) on reels 1 and 2. Each key correlates to a jackpot value - with gold being the highest.

  • When you land the second key, you will enter the jackpot round - and a new screen will pop up. The three remaining reels will continue to spin.

  • On this jackpot bonus screen, you will be able to choose how much you want to partially cash out - and how much you want to gamble to increase the jackpot prize.

  • Once you make your selection, the third reel will spin. If another matching key lands, then you will once again be given the option to configure your partial cash out and jackpot.

  • The cycle repeats until you do not reveal a key on the next spin - or you win the jackpot. The value of the jackpot will reflect whatever is in your gamble pot.

The Cash Out feature adds a layer of strategy and consideration never before seen in slots. A brave gamble play could award you the full golden jackpot. But if you can't bear the tension, you can always settle for a generous partial jackpot.

Cash Out in Colossus Fracpot

The 20 payline and 5 reel Colossus Fracpot slots is the first of its kind in the industry. On the surface, this just seems like a traditional Gladiator themed slot game. The graphics are crisp - and the visual effects are decent.

But it's in the gameplay where this slot really shines. First of all, we have your standard slot elements like wild symbols - which help to create combo win opportunities. It's good that these are so plentiful - because there's a potential 1,000x stake win to be had.

While there is no free spins or bonus feature per se, the Cash Out jackpot feature is worth seeing by itself. Land two of those key scatter symbols - and it's time to play an exciting game of do or dare.

What is Cash Out?

This is a feature created by Colossus Bets that gives sports bettors the chance to cash out on tickets or bets that are eligible for a jackpot.

What Cash Out slots are available?

There are currently two slots with the Cash Out feature: Colossus Fracpots slots and Sands of Arabia slots.

How much can I win with Cash Out slots?

Colossus Fracpots boasts a 1,000,000 coin gold jackpot.

Which Opinion

There's nothing unique about a gamble feature in online slots. But the Cash Out mechanic feels fresh and innovative. Not only do you get the chance to play for a huge jackpot - you also get the safety net of a partial win. Will this be the groundbreaking slot feature of 2020? We will have to wait and see!

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