Playtech Quantum Roulette delivers unmissable 500x multiplier action (New live dealer game)

In a busy year for Playtech live dealer casino, the firm adds yet another exciting room to the collection.
500x multipliers await in Playtech's latest live dealer experience: Quantum Roulette.

Following the rules of European Roulette, this table adds plenty of excitement with random multipliers. Each game round can see up to 500x multipliers hit random straight-up numbers.

If you are lucky, you may be able to take advantage of the random Quantum Boost event, which boosts the multipliers even higher. But how do you best capitalise on this lucrative bonus round?

Continue reading for full betting strategies and our conclusive review of this new live dealer game.

Summary of Quantum Roulette
  • Quantum Roulette is a new live dealer game from leading online casino game provider Playtech
  • The game uses Single Zero Roulette rules 
  • Straight up numbers receive multiplier boosts on each game round.
  • Multipliers range from 50x to 500x offering huge prize potential
  • Quantum Boost event increases the value of multipliers even further.

Playtech produces another live dealer gem

It's been a busy year for Playtech live casino games. American Roulette, Spread-Bet Roulette and Casino Stud Poker have all launched in 2019 to critical acclaim.

And with their latest room, the firm has further strengthened its appeal to serious live casino players. Kevin Kilminster, Head of Innovation for Live Casino, Playtech said: 

Along with our other major new releases this year, Quantum Roulette has been designed to deliver on visuals and entertainment alike. We’ve already seen players win up to 500x their stake and we’re confident that the immersive feel and lively gameplay of Quantum Roulette will hold great appeal for the modern generation of Live Casino players.

Quantum Roulette Review: Defying physics?

Playtech's latest roulette game draws some inspiration from Evolution's award-winning Lightning Roulette. Mechanically, the games work similarly. But in terms of the studio design, Quantum Roulette is far more stunning.

Studio Design 5/5
Revolving floor lights, the multiplier number reveal and flashy effects make for a unique experience. It almost feels like you are sitting in the cockpit of some futuristic spaceship! Needless to say, it's an immersive atmosphere that will keep you glued to the screen.

Quality of Live Dealer 4/5
Keeping the action flowing and the banter high is the live dealer - who takes on a more active role in this room. This is nice as the dealer will regularly engage with what is going on in the chat - guaranteeing a social and fun experience. It's very similar to how Evolution has setup up their Lightning games. 

Gameplay 4/5
At its core, this is a European Roulette game. That means you can take advantage of a low house edge. But the RTP does nosedive when you aim for those multiplier payouts. This is because there's no way to play safe - you have to chase after the straight-up bets.

Quantum Roulette Rules

The Quantum Roulette table follows the rules of a Single Zero Roulette game and is played using an automatic wheel. Meaning the dealer does not interact with the ball in any way. Instead pressured air is used to manipulate the ball onto the wheel.

Each round starts with the player making their betting choices. You can bet on one position or several if you wish. Once the betting round ends, the wheel will automatically spin.

After the ball settles in its resting pocket, all bets are paid and the next game round begins. This makes the wheel sound pretty simple, but the multiplier pays add an extra dimension.

Multiplier Feature
Once you have placed your bets, random betting areas will receive a multiplier boost. This is an RNG mechanic - so there's no way to determine where the multipliers will fall. The multiplier prize can be anything from 50x to the max payout of 500x.

Quantum Boost 
This is another random game event which further boosts the multiplier prizes on offer. These multipliers can create some breathtaking payouts - so they are ones to watch out for.

Quantum Roulette Strategy & Betting tips

Used to playing it safe on the red/black bet? If you want to get in on that multiplier action, then you are going to have to move to far more riskier territory. The multipliers only apply to straight-up numbers - so we are going to approach this wheel differently.

  • A spread betting strategy is the optimal way to capitalise on the RNG multipliers. More wheel coverage means you can take advantage of a multiplier if it does land on one of your positions.

  • You can set up your spreads in any way you like - just remember that more wheel coverage gives you a better chance of a win.

  • If you are using a spread strategy, keep your bets low. Increasing your bets will lead you to burn out too quickly. You want to hang in there and wait for a big multiplier payday.

  • Spreading your chips also means you are best placed to take advantage of the Quantum boost event. 

  • Try to manage your bankroll as you go. If you do land a big multiplier win, withdraw a portion of it and keep some funds left for your gaming.

  • As this is a new Playtech casino game, you can expect to find several promotions to celebrate the launch. Look out for extra ways to capitalise on more bonus funds or prize draw incentives.

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                    Our Verdict

                    Quantum Roulette boasts some of the highest roulette prize potentials out there. And the room is among the most stunning we have ever seen. If you love RNG multiplier mechanics and the chance to win big on any spin, then this is the game for you.

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