Blackjack Table Limits

    High stakes blackjack - low stakes blackjack... it's hard to keep track of it all. But keep updated with our full guide and you won't need to guess anymore.

    Online Blackjack Table Limits

    Blackjack is the favoured game for thousands of casino players due to its extremely low house edge. However, site operators are aware that they must cater for players wanting to play for 1.00 a hand or 1,000. So, where is the best place to play for your budget? 

    And, which casinos have the lowest and highest tables limits for blackjack? Continue reading to get the answers, plus we’ve handpicked a list of the top blackjack casinos where you can start winning, today.

    Whenever you play online blackjack - or any casino game, for that matter - there will be betting limits set in place. The term betting limits simply refers to the minimum and maximum amount you can wager on that particular game. Since online blackjack table limits can vary greatly, they’re accessible to players of all budget sizes.

    If you’re on a budget, you should find the lowest blackjack table limits and stick to those games. If you have plenty of money set aside in your blackjack kitty and you’re not bound by a budget as such, by all means find the highest blackjack table limit games. 

    One thing you’ll notice is that live versions of blackjack are nearly always more expensive to play than virtual (RNG) blackjack games. This is simply because it costs a lot more to run live games, so the operator has to recoup its money from players to keep the game going. 

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    Blackjack Lowest Table Limits

    Blackjack high table limits
    High stakes, low stakes - there's a blackjack table for everyone

    You’ll find that most blackjack games with a lower minimum betting amount also have quite a low maximum betting amount. It’s also worth bearing in mind that the lower your bet is, the lower the prize money will be. Games with low limits are ideal if you’re a beginner, you have a small budget or if you simply fancy playing without risking too much money.

    You’ll be pleased to know that there are some blackjack games you can play for as little as 0.10 per hand. We’ve even found a few as low as 0.02 but these super micro-limit games are pretty rare it has to be said.

    As previously mentioned, live games are more costly than virtual ones. This means that the minimum amount you can bet with for a live game is a lot higher - some games have 1 as the minimum bet, which is obviously much higher than some of the cheapest RNG tables.

    Blackjack Highest Table Limits

    Everything moves up for the high stakes blackjack tables: the minimum amount you can bet increases and, of course, so does the maximum betting amount. The reason casino bosses do this is to counter players using betting systems such as Martingale which involves doubling down on your bets until you hit a winner.

    Playing high limit blackjack doesn’t alter the payouts in anyway. They will still be 1:1 for a standard win and 2:3 (on most tables) for hitting blackjack. So, betting more equals bigger profits on the good days, and vice versa when the blackjack gods are against you.

    High limit blackjack games are suitable for you if you have a large bankroll and are prepared to take risks. Even though blackjack has a very high RTP, there’s always the chance that you’ll lose and the higher your bet is, the more this will be.

    We’ve listed several online casinos that offer high limit blackjack tables, with some surpassing 1,000 a hand. There are also certain live dealer tables with 5,000 and 10,000 table bet limits. These are for the serious high rollers. Furthermore, at some casinos, if you become a member of the VIP club, you’ll be given access to increased betting limits for blackjack and other games. Most of the time, to become a VIP you have to meet certain requirements to do with how much you play and spend at the casino.

    When playing high stakes blackjack, or even low stakes blackjack for that matter, you should be aware of at least the basic strategy of the game for the variant you are playing. For instance, if you have hard 16 against the dealer’s 4, do you hit or stand? 

    It’s also worth checking out the RTP of the game. The higher the RTP is, the more money, on average, you can expect to be paid back. Some casinos list house edge instead of RTP. House edge is the exact opposite of RTP, so it’s games with the lowest house edge you’re looking for.

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    With blackjack being available at so many online casinos, you won’t have any problems finding somewhere to play. Before you go ahead and start playing, it’s important to remember that you should stick to games with betting limits that are suitable to your budget, whatever that is. After all, if you only have a small amount of money to play with, you don’t want to play a blackjack game with high betting limits. 

    Ultimately, it’s all about finding a game that appeals to you and lets you bet with your desired amount. So long as the betting range covers this amount, you’ll be good to go. If you’re at a casino with a good range of blackjack games, chances are there’ll be at least a few with table limits suitable for you. 

    At a lot of online casinos, if you look at the table games collection, you’ll see several versions of the same game. There’ll be a banner or something similar on each of these identical games indicating whether it’s a low limit or high limit game, or whether it’s more of a middle-range option.

    Blackjack Table Limits FAQs

    What is a low limits blackjack table?

    This is a table with low betting requirements, making it a budget friendly alternative.

    What is a high limit blackjack table?

    This is a table with much greater betting limits than usual. You can bet hundreds and even thousands on a single hand.

    What are the biggest blackjack table limits in the world?

    Caesars in Las Vegas has three high roller tables where you can bet up to $50,000 per hand.